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This is a root exploit, Stump root makes low level changes to your device to get root access. Use at your own risk! By using this app, you agree not to hold it's developers responsible for any damage. This tool should not cause data loss, but it is entirely possible something could bad happen. Backup your data!

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v1.0.0 - initial release


What is bruteforce mode?

We need to know the right location to "attack", we hardcode it for models/firmwares we have encountered. When Stump root hits a device it does not "know" it can bruteforce the location. This can take upwards of 2 hours, but once down (if the phone has an internet connect) it will report it to us, and future builds can include the location.

It says my device is not supported, what do I do?

Let us know what device and firmware it is running as a reply to this thread, and we will try to add it.

Can I unroot, then reroot with Stump root?

Sorta, try and if it fails then you will need to restore stock firmware to regain root.

What Superuser app should I use?

The instructions say SuperSU, so probably SuperSU?

What phones does is work on?

Most LGs from mid 2012 to at least mid 2014

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